Tip Davis, Jay Real, and Big Will all have what it takes to be the next artist to open up the door for Virginia talent. Check out some of their work that they recorded and shot with us. We not only provide services but we pride ourselves in helping you develop your brand so that you have a level of professionalism to your art.


Tip Davis

Skill: Singing
From: Hampton, VA
Bacground: Professional basketball player.

Jay Real

Skill: Rap/R&B Artist
From: Newport News, VA
Background: Song writing and engineering.

Big Will

Skill: Rap Artist
From: Hampton, VA
Background: Event promotions and hosting.

Rick Rogers

Talents: Rap Artist
From: Newport News, VA
Background: Recording Artist

Our Task


For Tip Davis I recorded and arranged her vocals, hired a guitarist to play on her song, and I also shot the video. The process involves a lot of hours to get the finished product but we are here with our clients until the product is done.

Jay Real used our recording facility to record himself. Engineers have every tool they need at their disposal when they come to VAHH recording studios. One of our graphic designers did his photoshoot and created is single artwork.

Big Will’s record “Gang Members” was recorded by Clint Easwood @ VAHH recording studios during the “Will Power Vol 2” sessions. Mixing and basic mastering was included in the video version of the record.

I recorded Rick Rogers record Rich by 30 in Rocstars Studio 2015. Rick needs very little input on songs though I was requested to also give my input on how the song should be delivered.

Skills Involved


  • Audio Engineering
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Graphic Design
  • Cinematography